Usagyuuun Signal Stickers Pack

Usagyuuun Signal Stickers Pack gives your conversation some peppy motions by using a little bit bizarre and cute rabbit.

Usagyuuun is a combination of rabbit and mochi (rice cake). With its elastic body, it expresses its emotions with great energy!

Usagyuuun Signal Stickers Pack List

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How to add Usagyuuun stickers in Signal?

  • Choose the Usagyuuun Sticker packages from the above link which you want to add.
  • Click on the package, it will redirect you to the Signal app.
  • Press the Install Button. It will be added to your Signal account.

How to send/find stickers in Signal?

  • Open the conversation chat screen.
  • Type any emoji.
  • You’ll find a number of similar stickers in the suggestion area from the already added sticker packages.

Wrap up

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